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"Organizational culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner".
— Peter Drucker


Our knowledge and experience with Strategy, Culture and Change serve as a foundation for all our work. 


Strategy and Culture go hand in hand in achieving organizational success. Culture is best viewed through the lens of what you are trying to achieve i.e strategy. And every strategy involves some level of change. Lastly, leadership impacts the culture and the ability to lead change.

In preparing for strategy execution, we help you explore what aspects of your culture will fuel progress and what may hinder it. In launching a new initiative, process, or system, we help raise awareness and understanding of what it will take to engage your people successfully in the change. This awareness enables you to be more intentional and lead to smoother sailing rather than unnecessary delay or derailment.


The Board of a joint venture (JV) organization engaged us to help them craft their first strategic plan. The JV had achieved the goals for which it was formed and enjoyed positive performance – clinically, financially, and operationally. Many changes were anticipated in the external environment, which the Board wanted to understand and consider as they looked to continued success in the future. Here's what happened...

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