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Carol Gausz
Founder and President
MS, Organization Development
Pepperdine | Graziadio Business School
MPA, University of Delaware

Being the Change

I founded Blue Heron Associates in 2001 to fulfill my passion for helping leaders understand and work with the sometimes hidden levers for organizational health and growth - the people side of change, working with culture effectively, designing organizations and teams to achieve results, and leadership authenticity. Prior to Blue Heron, nearly all my leadership roles were newly created. It was great fun to work with a clean slate as I built strategic capabilities to fuel organizational growth. Having access to a thought partner during that time, who helped me align my intention and impact as a leader, was extraordinarily helpful. My energy and passion for being a thought partner, who inspires great leaders to be even greater, continues to grow.


My Role

I am the primary contact in all Blue Heron engagements. I call upon my strong network of coach and consulting colleagues who have deep expertise, as needed, to form a team tailored to your specific needs. This flexibility enables you access to the right resources at the right time.

My Experience

I know the joys and challenges of leadership – creating and leading teams, planning and executing change, finding one’s voice and value as a C-suite team member, and working effectively with a board—all with a focus on achieving results. My experience in organizations at various stages of their life cycle has provided me with a solid perspective on effective change.  I have helped fuel and manage growth; worked with turnarounds; closed a non-profit; and managed joint ventures, mergers, and reorganizations. I have significant experience working with executives and with leaders who have deep expertise such as physicians and scientists. 

A Sense of Purpose and Place

I grew up due west of Manhattan in Watchung, NJ with strong values of hard work and actively engaging to make the world better. I moved south to Delaware to pursue my undergraduate and first graduate degree and called Delaware home for many years as I raised my daughters. 


Recently, I found a nature lover's paradise to call home in Annapolis, MD. Here I enjoy the dancing flight of the osprey, the stillness and grace of the blue heron, and other nature in and around the water. It's a place of renewal and contemplation that centers me and enables me to bring my best to my clients and others in my life. I enjoy time with family and friends, traveling, kayaking, sailing, gardening, community service, and the many cultural attractions in the DC Metro area. 

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