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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

— Henry Ford


We help teams:

  • Clarify team goals and align with overall organizational goals. 

  • Increase their ability to speak openly and tap diverse viewpoints.

  • Improve working relationships e.g. build trust, manage conflict, etc.

  • Increase communication and overall work effectiveness. 

  • Optimize the effectiveness of virtual work.

  • Improve relationships and effectiveness with other parts of the organization.

  • Increase team member satisfaction and team results.

Our work involves both face-to-face teams and those that are completely or partially virtual. We have studied, moderated and participated in virtual teams - those that span the globe and those that simply work in different buildings or on different work schedules. 

Stages when teams might need support

Newly Forming




and/or goals

Times of

conflict or crisis

Striving for



Clients Speak

"As a new team facing significant challenges in the running of a nationally recognized tertiary referral center, our team work was less than optimal. By taking a highly disciplined, expert, and meaningful approach, Carol has coached and guided us through an extraordinary process that has led to dramatic enhancements on the part of the individual members and collective team. 

— J. Caldas, CEO, Washington Hospital Center (Retired)

"We've worked with Carol many times over the years and always valued her insight and difference-making professionalism. On our most recent project, Carol displayed a deft hand in guiding us through a sensitive reorganization. She listened carefully to our needs, drew out both board and staff, offered tangible options, and brought us to consensus. Her active approach balanced facilitation with specific counsel and got us to successful realignment with broad buy-in."

— T. Kaiden, (Former) CEO, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

" Exceptional! We hired Carol to help us focus our efforts in a complex market. She was able to get the entire cross-disciplinary team actively engaged and provided tools we still use today."

— W. Angst, (Former) General Manager, CapMed

"We had a group of some of the most talented, highly educated individuals but did not know how to function effectively as a team. Your approach helped us better understand ourselves and each other and provided avenues to benefit from our difference. We have come to value each other's strengths more and understand our weaknesses and more effectively support each other. This would be ideal to do with a new team, before they have all the built up biases about each other.

— C. Monge, VP, Washington Hospital Center


The CEO of a large non-profit contacted us early in her tenure to help her leadership team align to their mission and strategy and strengthen their working relationships. As the organization grew, we were engaged several times to help work through the change related to growth and new strategies such as:  Here's what happened...

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