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"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
— John F. Kennedy

Executive & Leadership Coaching

What is Coaching?
  • A thought-provoking and creative process
  • A partnership in which client and coach create a confidential space to explore
  • A practice that inspires and supports the client to maximize their potential
Through coaching we help you:
  • Understand yourself and your impact more fully

  • Get clearer on what you want to achieve

  • Leverage your strengths 

  • Discover how to get out of your own way

  • Expand mindsets and perspectives

  • Practice and build momentum in new skills and habits

  • Stay accountable to what you say you want

  • Receive support along the way and reminders, when needed, on how remarkable you are!

We help you align:

  • Your INTENTION or how you want to 'show up' with

  • Your IMPACT or how your leadership impacts others and the results you achieve.

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Clients Speak

"Carol is able to grasp the complexity associated with each client and the context and culture in which he/she is working. She is able to use a myriad of tools to assist her clients in recognizing a variety of choice points for action and the implications for each action; she is an expert at advising her clients on how to successfully drive change at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and system levels. Bottom line: Carol’s clients see positive and sustained results quickly into their work together and lasting long after the coaching has concluded.  Carol is a pleasure to work with; I find her bright, strategic, curious, and open to feedback. Carol is an outstanding partner, and I’m very lucky to have her serving the leaders at Penn Medicine.”    

— C. Morgan, VP, Learning & Organization Development, Penn Medicine

"By most measures I am considered successful. And yet, I was struggling with my career. I was offered a coach - not just any coach - I was given Yoda. Carol coaches with a non-judgmental and positive approach. She is kind and gentle but will make sure you see the reality. She respectfully and patiently listens to what you say - and is not afraid to ask about what you didn't say. It is a gift to have a super-smart, insightful, wise person, who can lead you to better understanding of your goals in work and life - an understanding that so frequently can elude us. Typically, as physician leaders, we battle, mostly alone, engulfed in our biases, passions, and baggage. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had Carol to work with. Through her work, the health system gained a functional partner, and that partner obtained a fulfilling career."

— Clinical Center Executive

"Carol was a great balance of challenge and support. She helped me understand myself and the impact of my behavior better, supported me in being more intentional as to how I expressed my leadership, and enabled me to change long standing work habits that were not serving me well. Carol is a wonderful listener, asks powerful questions that deepen and broaden awareness, provides clear and constructive feedback, and is a fabulous source of support and accountability."
— Finance Executive

“Leadership coaching with Carol was a journey of opening doors and discovering hidden treasures and barriers; all of which are essential to my personal and professional success. Carol's coaching was respectful, insightful and supportive. Carol is simply an amazing coach and person.” — Vice President

“You called me on things when I didn’t follow through. I realized I had been opting out of being active in my own life … demands of the new boss, fully participating in opportunities I was invited to, taking advantage of all that I could learn and develop in coaching. I was stuck, mad, and a little sorry for myself. I didn’t want to look inside, and your challenge helped me get unstuck. It was a real pivotal point.”  — Vice President                                                                                     

“Carol has been most helpful in navigating my new leadership responsibilities and I highly value the experience of working with her.”  — Department Chair                                                                                     

"I met with my team yesterday and applied the insights I gained from our conversation. The discussion changed from my indicating how hard I was working on modernizing (our group) and berating them for obstructing progress, to identifying the reasons that change was being resisted. It's interesting, most people say they welcome change but, as I found out yesterday, many were afraid of it. The reasons they gave were clearly deeply felt. I think we made considerable progress yesterday. Thanks for your help with this.” — Physician Leader                                                                                         

“I am very honored to be recognized by my peers and be promoted to professor. Your help and support along the way was much appreciated. I am still on my journey here.”  — Division Director                                                                                         

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