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""It is the long history of humankind ... that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." 
— Charles Darwin


Are your meetings a solid investment in shared understanding and innovation that leads to aligned action and increased success?

Meetings we design and facilitate achieve a rating of 4+ on a 5-point scale (where 5 is best),

  • How effectively did we achieve the meeting objective?

  • Was the value gained worth the time invested?

Some of the many forums in which we add value. 

Developing Strategy 

Melting Silos


Building Bridges

Taking Charge

of Change

Learning & Engaging People 


We design to fully engage participants in achieving the meeting objective.

We facilitate to tap the creative genius within the group. 

We apply deep knowledge of trust and healthy conflict and love helping leaders nurture both.

  • Trust enables the openness needed to tap the best ideas for strategy.

  • Trust paired with healthy conflict enables:

    • Mutual support needed for effective implementation,

    • Inspiration needed to embrace change, and

    • Commitment needed for employee and other stakeholder commitment.

Clients Speak










"In my 30 years of corporate life, I don't believe I have ever worked with a facilitator that is as diligent, skillful and dedicated. You have a great feel for letting conversations develop without letting the group get off track. That gift comes from talent, lots of experience and an innate understanding of human behavior and what it takes to bring out the best in people. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again. Thanks!”
— P. McCabe, Former Managing Director, Marketing and Communications, Nemours

"Carol facilitated a small group (~20) visioning and planning retreat for a new professional organization - the Beyond Flexner Alliance. She worked with us in the weeks before the retreat to articulate what we needed to be done and to plan the agenda and process. She facilitated the sessions with skill and sensitivity; performed frequent check-ins; managed the newsprint notes; and produced an excellent summary and operational plan based on the retreat deliberations. She did a first rate job at every step. I recommend her with enthusiasm."
— F. Mullan, MD, Former Professor of Health Policy, George Washington University

"Carol facilitated a strategic planning retreat for Just Neighbors, an immigration legal services non-profit. Carol was efficient and professional in preparing for the workshop with a minimum of fuss. She had a good sense of what really mattered and what was merely nice-to-have. Once at the retreat, she had a sure and confident awareness of how the day could unfold -- what questions to address when, how to work in small groups, and how to pull things together at the end. She kept the participants on track with a kind but firm hand. This work was just what the organization needed and set it up for important progress in the coming months. I would gladly work with Carol again anytime!"
— E. Rhyne, Former Board Chair, Just Neighbors


A geographically dispersed organization was seeking to expand its client base and leverage the impact of people in community-facing roles (e.g. marketing, community and government relations, etc.). They asked us to design and facilitate a retreat to help people in these roles learn, align, and leverage their relationships and impact.


Here's what happened...

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