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How fully are you tapping the wisdom within ... yourself, your team, your organization?

Sometimes you're so close, it's hard to...

  • See the opportunities

  • Engage others in generative ways

  • Have conversations that matter and lead to solid outcomes

  • And move you forward.

Stone Tower

What could be possible with a Thought Partner ... 

and trusted guide who helps you: 

  • see more clearly, 

  • leverage your current assets and 

  • understand and address where you might be getting in your own way   

... all to help you realize opportunities more fully

Train Crossing Bridge

We help successful leaders at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Meeting & Retreat Design & Facilitation

Enriched by a 20+ year history of also consulting in strategy, culture and change. This site is "under renovation" as we make the transition to this next phase. 

Clients Speak

"Carol works with the organization where it is while constantly keeping in mind where we want to be and appropriately challenging us to move forward in new ways. She has enabled us to be more focused and disciplined as we advance our mission and strategy and engage people in ways that appropriately increases autonomy and accountability and leads to substantive outcomes."

— R. Proujansky, MD, CEO, Nemours Delaware Valley (Retired)

"Carol’s ability to impact people is multi-faceted – strategy, inclusion, team building, coaching.  She is skilled at helping people engage in effective strategy conversations that cover the breadth of issues and ideas and lead to alignment. She is adept at asking the uncomfortable but penetrating questions that become the places people and teams can actually move forward from. She puts the tough stuff out there in a way that people can respond to effectively rather than pushing on it. There is an art to that and experience base that allows her to do that particularly effectively.

— S. Paull, CHRO, Regeneron

"I recommend Carol without hesitation for those organizations needing to increase performance of their teams, strategic planning, change management or designing competitive organizational structures. I believe Carol's experience as a senior strategy VP makes her a stronger consultant as she truly 'gets' the issues that leaders must deal with in establishing and aligning strategic initiatives."

— C. LaPenta, Global HR Director, Dow Chemical (Retired)

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