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Roy Proujansky, MD

Former CEO, Nemours Delaware Valley

Tom Kaiden

Former CEO, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Wendy Angst

Former General Manager, CapMed

"Blue Heron works with the organization where it is, while constantly keeping in mind where we want to be and appropriately challenging us to move forward in new ways. They have enabled us to be more focused and disciplined in advancing our mission and strategy and engage people in ways that appropriately increases autonomy and accountability ... and leads to substantive outcomes."    

Kim Barnes

Former Sr Vice President, Lourdes Health System 

"We’ve worked with Carol a number of times over the years, and always valued her insight and difference-making professionalism. On our most recent project, Carol displayed a deft hand in guiding us through a sensitive, but strategically vital organizational reorganization. She listened carefully to our needs, drew out both board and staff, offered tangible options, and then brought us to consensus. Her active approach balanced facilitation with specific counsel, and got us to a successful realignment with broad buy-in."

"Carol’s wealth of experience is evident. She readily assesses issues and works with the team to develop well structured and practical improvement plans. She has a tremendous ability to engage people at all organizational levels and quickly gain their trust and respect. Carol is extremely professional and I find working with her very enjoyable."              

Dennis W. Pullin

Former COO, Washington Hospital Center

"Exceptional! We hired Blue Heron to help us focus our efforts in a complex market. They were prepared, able to get the entire cross-disciplinary team actively engaged, and provided us tools that we still use today."    

Catherine LaPenta

Former Global HR Director, Dow Chemical

"I have known Carol professionally for years and recommended her without hesitation for those organizations needing consulting to increase performance of their teams, strategic planning facilitation, change management, or designing competive organizational structures. Carol has actually been in senior strategic planning VP roles with complex organizations prior to establishing her own consulting firm. I believe that experience makes her a much stronger consultant as she truly 'gets' the issues that leaders must deal with in establishing and aligning strategic initiatives.".  

“It is clear to me that your expertise in team development and organizational effectiveness is extraordinary and, has enabled our leadership team to function as a more unified and cohesive group.  Your hands-on, group-oriented approach is greatly valued and will help ensure that the Washington Hospital Center remains competitive in the healthcare arena for many years to come.  Thank you for your support.”                   

"I highly recommend Carol Gausz of Blue Heron Associates, who collaborated with Evan Smith of MMC, to help us develop our strategic plan.  Through a process that included a deep assessment of our current operating environment, interviews and surveys with key stakeholders, customized planning meetings with clearly stated goals, a SWOT analysis, and exploration/ identification of our business model, we were able to identify strategies that leveraged our strengths, addressed our weaknesses and moved us from a survival mode to one of sustainability, growth and most importantly, impact.

Under Carol and Evan’s skillful guidance and facilitation (much needed because we were a group of strong minded, passionate and verbal people), we completed the process with full stakeholder support for our exciting plan and a deep understanding of our unique value proposition. As a result, we are a stronger, more united nonprofit, confident in our identity and armed with the knowledge of what it takes to make our vision a reality."

Barbara Delsman, Former Co-Chair StreetWise Partners Strategic Planning Committee


“The program has made a huge impact. Blue Heron clearly defined the objectives and offered us the necessary training to maximize our productivity and improve our customer service. It required participants to think out of the box and be innovative and open minded. I highly recommend Blue Heron's services to any company that is seeking to enhance their employees' overall potential.”      
John Ceresani, Former Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Organization Development, Caesar’s Entertainment, Atlantic City


“We had a group of some of the most talented, educated individuals but did not know how to function effectively as a team. Your approach helped us to better understand ourselves and each other and provided avenues to benefit from our differences. We have come to value each other’s strengths more and more effectively support each other. No one has the time for this BUT I believe that taking the time has made it easier to tackle the tough decisions in these turbulent financial times.  Learning to understand each other has led to increased trust.  At the end of the day it has been well worth the time. 

Cathie Monge, Former Vice President, Operations, Washington Hospital Center

Carol is a pleasure to work with. She has an engaging style. She is knowledgeable, proactive and very thorough. Her deliverable is always on time and complete.

Gina Altieri, Former Vice President, Corporate Services, Nemours Children's Health System


"I was probably more skeptical than most as to the value of this process at the outset. You provided such great insights into how best to handle situations that sometimes involved difficult conversations or political minefields and how best to navigate them.  Your style is one of engagement without judgment, allowing people to speak more openly.  This process helped us become more aware of and begin to deal with our team dysfunctions.  Within a very short amount of time, you appropriately and correctly sized up the situation and made constructive recommendations which helped us begin to interact more effectively.  I fully endorse your work and will be happy to provide a recommendation to potential clients."                                                                                         
MC, MBA, FACHE, Former Vice President, Clinical Services, a Regional Health System         

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